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Bunge airfield (ESVB) is situated on Gotland about fifty kilometers north east of Visby and just south of Fårösund.

Coordinates: north 575009, east 0190201.

The area is characterized by the three crossing runways. The runway surface is made of concrete and asphalt. There is no runway lighting or other approach or navigational aids on the airfield.

Runway headings: 030°/210°, 090°/270°, 160°/340°. Runway 03/21 is not in use due to poor runway condition.

Runway length 675 m, width 30 m

Apron in front of hangar: 100 × 40 m

Click on the picture on the left for a map of the airport.
(Published with approval from KSAB.)

PPR +46 (0)704 96 86 41